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Establishing your ‘network’ in the New Country

When you land in a new country, a new city, you’re far away from home and most likely you don’t have your family or your close group of friends living there. Today I’d like to write about establishing your new network in your new hometown. I’ll list a few tips, based on my experience, hoping it may be of help to others without wanting to teach anyone anything really new.  . CULTURE – Being familiar with your acquired new home’s culture will be an advantage. So make sure you read about it before moving to your new destination or once you arrive there. It’ll help blend in more smoothly and discover ‘Dos & Donts’, making your life easier. . Try to find out what are the most important events & traditions. They could be Bank Holidays, Xmas traditions, Sport events, etc… For example, here in Australia almost everything is celebrated with a “Barbie”, a Bbq, and with a beer or with Drinks in general. Or the AFL, the Australian Football, so don’t try to organise …

Expat Life

A new section has just come to live on my blog about ‘Expat life‘, the hardship & excitement of moving to another place and start a new life somewhere else. In my case, right now it’s Melbourne, but it’s been Madrid in the past. I’ve even been a temporary expatriate also in other cities for shorter periods of time, to learn a language or do an internship. For example in Barcelona, San Diego, the little town of Moodus CT (USA), Sydney, … I’ll be sharing my experience, what’s yours? Check it out by Clicking on the link below: Expat Life. Related articles Chasing the sky: Are you ready to be an expat? ( a reality of being an expat ( All aboard the expat blogger express ( Ex-Pat Living: Hey Friend, Looking for a Lighter? ( Introducing the Guest Expat Blog Series (  

The 4 Phases of Moving to Another Place

I have been living my life in different places. Although it’s been mostly in Italy, in Milan, I have always had the chance to travel, whether it was for holiday, study or work purposes. First encouraged by my parents who well thought it was important to discover the world, know about other cultures and learn other languages to enrich ourselves and prepare for the future, as you never know what turn life could take. At the beginning I felt lucky, but a bit forced, and then little by little this desire and curiosity about the world has become part of me. And now I actively seek these kind of experiences. That’s why lately I spent 2 years and a half living in working in Madrid, Spain, and a few months ago I chose to live in Melbourne, Australia. Every time you move, I think you go through different experiences, phases and emotional states. After my latest transfer to Spain first and to Australia second, I started realising there is actually a pattern in moving and …