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Establishing your ‘network’ in the New Country

When you land in a new country, a new city, you’re far away from home and most likely you don’t have your family or your close group of friends living there. Today I’d like to write about establishing your new network in your new hometown. I’ll list a few tips, based on my experience, hoping it may be of help to others without wanting to teach anyone anything really new.  . CULTURE – Being familiar with your acquired new home’s culture will be an advantage. So make sure you read about it before moving to your new destination or once you arrive there. It’ll help blend in more smoothly and discover ‘Dos & Donts’, making your life easier. . Try to find out what are the most important events & traditions. They could be Bank Holidays, Xmas traditions, Sport events, etc… For example, here in Australia almost everything is celebrated with a “Barbie”, a Bbq, and with a beer or with Drinks in general. Or the AFL, the Australian Football, so don’t try to organise …

What is the Expat attitude?

I encourage to read this article by The Age about Expat life or better attitude. I think it reminds everybody how to look at life and brings a bit of positive attitude and care for others, it pushes you to know more about the country you live in, it brings the curiosity to go out and make new friends. Among other things, it talks about expats you usually do things and don’t spend much time thinking whether they should do something or not.  I think we all need to remember that from time to time. From my personal experience, I do think that as an Expat you are, in a way, forced to put yourself out there to make new friends and explore the new city you live in, but then it also comes down to each one’s attitude. It allows you the freedom of being different, discovering your newself, if you want, although you always need to cope with yourself, but that is another story. I remember the first time I came back from …

Want to move abroad? But where?

A friend just shared an article about the best countries to move to according to 3 main different criteria: 1. Economics 2. Experience 3. Raising children But the good thing about it is that the ranking is interactive according to which are the criteria that interest you the most. You might be interested more into the experience or just some aspects of the economics. Here’s the link to the countries interactive 2013 ranking by HSBC: But you can also compare 2 countries, read about hints and tips or go more in the research into detail. I won’t uncover you anything, but you’ll find a few surprises! For you to read! Related articles Want to move abroad? This map shows the best and worst countries to be an expatriate. ( World’s 10 best economies for expats ( The 15 Best Countries For You To Move To Right Now (

Expat Life

A new section has just come to live on my blog about ‘Expat life‘, the hardship & excitement of moving to another place and start a new life somewhere else. In my case, right now it’s Melbourne, but it’s been Madrid in the past. I’ve even been a temporary expatriate also in other cities for shorter periods of time, to learn a language or do an internship. For example in Barcelona, San Diego, the little town of Moodus CT (USA), Sydney, … I’ll be sharing my experience, what’s yours? Check it out by Clicking on the link below: Expat Life. Related articles Chasing the sky: Are you ready to be an expat? ( a reality of being an expat ( All aboard the expat blogger express ( Ex-Pat Living: Hey Friend, Looking for a Lighter? ( Introducing the Guest Expat Blog Series (  

An Example of The Expat Attitude Put into Practice // Come mettere in pratica lo spirito dell’espatriato

Last week I talked about the Expat attitude and just a couple of days later I had the chance to put it in practice. I received a ‘last minute’, or better I should say a ‘last second’, invitation for a roadtrip to the Great Ocean Road. I didn’t have much time to think about it and despite I had an appointment the next day first thing in the morning and I had to be back the following day by a certain time, I said ‘YES!’ I would just do it, ‘Carpe Diem’, and enjoy this experience in time, with a couple of friends. Actually it could have been one of those jokes: “there were 5 people: 2 Spanish, 1 Italian, 1 Aussie by chance and just for half of the trip and… 1 …whatever…kiwi”. Yes I could call this cool guy ‘kiwi’, time has passed and I didn’t remember if people from New Zealand actually liked to be referred to as kiwis, but yes. And we also have all been reminded that if we want …