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Nominated for “Der Koch Blog Preis 2017” i.e. 2017 Swiss Cooking Blog Award :)

Hello again! Yes, I’ve been back to writing and I’m writing a lot you’ll say…yep! Probably, but let’s take it as it comes! 🙂

Or should I say instead: “Hallo” (hello in German)?

Probably yes since I’ve been nominated to participate in this Swiss 2017 Cooking Blog Award or, better & properly said: “Der Koch Blog Preis 2017”.

Cooking is part of travelling…

Almond and raisins soft sponge cake // Torta soffice alle mandorle e uvette

Here’s a cake recipe good for every season and every moment of the day, from the morning breakfast to the afternoon tea, or the coffee break to the dinner dessert. INGREDIENTS: 200gr white flour 80gr of polenta or “Maizena” 4 eggs 180gr sugar 100gr butter (I used the lactose free) 4-5 spoons of olive oil 4 spoonfuls of almond flakes 50gr of raisins or more if you like 1 glass of milk a pinch of salt 1 baking powder sachet (16gr) 1 grated lemon zest PREPARATION (15-20 mins) Mix the melted butter,  the sugar and the oil into a bowl. Once the mix is smooth, add the 4 eggs, but add them one by one i.e.  add the following one only when the previous egg has been well mixed. Add the milk and the salt and mix with the mixer then the grated lemon zest and mix gently with a spatula. Then add the flour, the corn flour and the baking powder, mix everything and at the end add the raisins and the almond flakes. …