How to Read LVHW Blog

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There are 4 main sections:
 1. Travel >> here you’ll find my very own travel experiences & tips on Australia and all the countries I visited, including some of the Pacific Islands.

2. Food – CuciniAMO >> it’s about the recipes I learnt or created while leaving abroad. The title’s translation is “Let’s cook!”, but with a play of word. It links 2 words: “Cucinare” (i.e. cooking) and “Amare” (i.e. to love) at the 1st person plural, so to involve you into the process.

 3. Lifestyle – all I encounter on my path that I love! Mainly cafes, restaurants, design fairs and so on and so forth!

 4. Expat Life – some thoughts about living abroad, far from home, facing new challenges, but also enjoying a continuous discovery towards a new life. Offering my view and my understanding through my experience and maybe some humble tips to cope with any difficulty.

You’ll also find a Page:
>> called “Blog“, with all the articles I’ve written
>> one “Gallery“, with all the Photographs I’ve personally taken and for which I ask you to always credit them back to me. Please read details on the page.
>> another one at the very Top of the page “Contact me“, where you can write me for personal questions, collaborations, if you’d like to be a guest blogger, etc…

The Posts always start with the English version whereas the Italian version comes below. Simply due to a more general understanding of English vs Italian. That’s the way it is guys!

You’ll also find the links to all my Social Media accounts: FB, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter!