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Hilarious! The Best Air Safety Video Campaign… by Air New Zealand!

Every time you board a plane, just before or while taking off you are asked to pay attention to the safety demonstration of the aircraft. And most of time people would just continue reading what they are reading or paying attention with almost bothered and highly bored. You’ll be amazed instead by the energy, originality of the Air New Zealand safety video. It’s hilarious! Fun, entertaining, making you want watch the whole video and maybe waiting for more! Click on the image below to watch the video: And apparently Air New Zealand has always tried to show things differently and inform its customers on their safety features while entertaining and constantly surprising. Have a look at the Hobbit video for example, click on the image below. Enjoy the video, enjoy New Zealand! Have a great flight and HAERE MAI (Welcome)! Related articles In Flight Safety Video: Air New Zealand Style (

Why go to New Zealand? // Perche’ andare in Nuova Zelanda?

New Zealand: if I think of New Zealand, I think of a dreamland or better, a dream destination. A land where you can just loose yourself in the beauties of nature, its colours, its amazing panoramas. This time it’s been a short visit, a long weekend to the South Island, exactly to Queenstown and its surrounding mountains, to accomplish a dream: skiing in New Zealand. This dream had 2 challenges: 1. Reach New Zealand 2. Ski there For #1 I can say it was quite easy, as I now live in Melbourne, Australia. For #2, it has been a little bit more difficult as lately my operated knee was begging for attention. So it required quite a deal of motivation, to start the physio, and more effort, to actually do it. But if I want something, I’ll get it! And that’s why I found myself skiing for a long day on the slopes of Cardrona just after 2 months of quite an intense Physio schedule. Well, the mountains in Cardrona look similar to the Western …

Queenstown: Ski trip to New Zealand – Useful INFO // Avete mai pensato di sciare in Nuova Zelanda? Queenstown! – INFORMAZIONI UTILI

I wanted to come back and I knew I wanted to do it, but what I did not know was when and that I actually would really come back. What am I talking about? New Zealand! Already when I moved to Melbourne, New Zealand, together with other destinations, was on my bucket list. And the biggest dream was to go skiing there. So let’s say I accomplished my biggest dream about NZ as I just spent a long weekend in Queenstown, in the South Island. I still have to visit probably 60% of the South Island, as I visited the North tip of the South Island and part of the Malborough in 2002, but I know now it’s going to be possible! I advise to book the flight at least 3 months in advance, more if you can, especially for weekends and if your purpose is skiing. Best schedules & average priced Flights run out quickly. We flew in on Friday morning via Christchurch with Virgin Australia / Air New Zealand and arrived in Queenstown …