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Nominated for “Der Koch Blog Preis 2017” i.e. 2017 Swiss Cooking Blog Award :)

Hello again! Yes, I’ve been back to writing and I’m writing a lot you’ll say…yep! Probably, but let’s take it as it comes! 🙂

Or should I say instead: “Hallo” (hello in German)?

Probably yes since I’ve been nominated to participate in this Swiss 2017 Cooking Blog Award or, better & properly said: “Der Koch Blog Preis 2017”.

Cooking is part of travelling…

Almond and raisins soft sponge cake // Torta soffice alle mandorle e uvette

Originally posted on La Vale and Her World:
Here’s a cake recipe good for every season and every moment of the day, from the morning breakfast to the afternoon tea, or the coffee break to the dinner dessert. INGREDIENTS: 200gr white flour 80gr of polenta or “Maizena” 4 eggs 180gr sugar 100gr butter (I used the lactose free) 4-5 spoons of olive oil 4 spoonfuls of almond flakes 50gr of raisins or more if you like 1 glass of milk a pinch of salt 1 baking powder sachet (16gr) 1 grated lemon zest PREPARATION (15-20 mins) Mix the melted butter,  the sugar and the oil into a bowl. Once the mix is smooth, add the 4 eggs, but add them one by one i.e.  add the following one only when the previous egg has been well mixed. Add the milk and the salt and mix with the mixer then the grated lemon zest and mix gently with a spatula. Then add the flour, the corn flour and the baking powder, mix everything and at the…

Ah viaggiare… si puo’ fare anche con un bambino! Cosa portarsi dietro?

Ultimamente i viaggi non sono piu’ cosi’ frequenti come un paio d’anni fa’, ma ci difendiamo.

Sapete non riesco a stare ferma neanche con un bambino. E cosi’ gia’ 3 settimane dopo la sua nascita, abbiamo fatto qualche giorno al lago, e poi ci sono stati altri viaggetti tranquilli tra mare e montagna.

Insomma pur con un bambino riesco comunque a trovare le scuse o le occasioni per scappare, lasciare correre i pensieri, liberare l’immaginazione e respirare quel senso di liberta’, soprattutto mentale, che mi da’ il viaggiare. Lo scoprire nuovi posti…

A Special Come Back: 2 Things that have changed my life // Un ritorno con il botto: 2 novita’!

I know, it’s been a long time since I last published a post on my blog, but everyday life with many things to do together with being lazy brought me to temporarily abandon this beautiful, relaxing and energising habit of writing.

How many times did I have something to write? Well, so many! But actually 2 things prevented me

Merry Belated Xmas with a SweetSwiss Specialty // Ancora auguri di Buon Natale con uno speciale dolce svizzero

It’s been already almost a year and a half since we moved to Zürich and, as part of our discovery of Switzerland, of course food is one of the main interesting aspects! As 2016 approaches, we decided for a Swiss sweet specialty from the Appenzeller Kanton in its Xmas version: the Mandelbiber.  And because we didn’t know how it tasted, we went for its smaller version, which is called Mandelbiberli in fact because it’s small. The small version is a common snack for Swiss people. It’s a sweet spicy dow filled with either almonds (mandel) or walnuts (nüss). Cinnamon is definitely king! But it also contains ginger, anis, cardamom, coriander, pimento and cloves. Usually its top is always decorated, for example, with a bear, the Appenzeller Kanton’s symbol, or other drawings or Xmas wishes like the one we bought at Wüst Patisserie in Zürich. I must say it’s a different taste, at least from pur Italian taste, but definitely an interesting one and good to have every once in a while! More info, I’m afraid …

Martinica, l’isola dei fiori (Italian only)

L’estate oramai iniziata e la voglia di mare e’ scoppiata! Ed e’ per questo che ho chiesto la collaborazione dell’amica blogger Sabrina di Appunti di Viaggio by Seven Days di farci conoscere un posto nuovo, lontano, incantevole, da sogno: la Martinica! Ci sarei dovuta andare con una cara amica tanti anni fa’ per fare un corso di francese, almeno questa era la scusa eheh, ma poi ahime’ cambiammo idea. Per fortuna che c’e’ Sabrina che ci raccontera’ la meraviglia di questo luogo. Buona lettura! ———- // ———- Uno dei miei ultimi viaggi è stato a Martinica, un’isola meravigliosa delle Antille Francesi, nei Caraibi. Quest’isola è la meta ideale per rilassarsi e vivere a contatto con la natura. Non a caso è conosciuta come l’isola dei fiori ed ha una temperatura media di 26° tutto l’anno! Il mio viaggio a Martinica  inizia all’aereoporto nazionale di Lamentin, dove affitto una macchina per potermi dirigere a sud dell’isola. A mio parere l’auto è il miglior mezzo per muoversi su quest’isola. La mia prima tappa è Saint-Luce, un caratteristico …

3 x 3 tips on where to have breakfast, lunch, aperitivo and dinner in Milan!

Ok, June has started, so it’s supposed to be good weather, right?! But for some reason it’s not always the case. So what about a city escape to another city? And what about Milan?! Since after the Expo Milan has been in full bloom! The city looks spectacular: lots of renovation and works to improve the city, new restaurants and bars openining up at every corner, new shops as well as new museums and new exhibitions spaces to visit! So while you wait for you seaside escape, try Milan! Here are some spots you’d want to check out, assuming you already know Milan. Otherwise I’ll provide some tips in another post. Art, food, design and the likes . Fondazione Prada – contrasting opinions about it. Some say it’s cool and worth a visit because it’s Prada, some really liked it, some really didn’t. The cafe’ is interestingly decorated. See for yourself! . La Triennale Museum – a museum mainly dedicated to design, architecture, jewellery and space, which a very interesting location itself with a garden …

All the green of Stuttgart: at least 8 reasons to visit the city (English only)

Hello! I’ve been enjoying the fantastic weather, also in Germany where I recently went for a weekend to visit a couple of my husband’s friends. We went exactly to Stuttgart, probably not top of mind when visiting Germany, but I’ll give you at least 8 reasons to pay it a short visit. 1- If you are a car lover, well you can’t really miss Stuttgart (together with Munich) as it is home to Mercedes and Porsche. You can in fact visit the Mercedes-Benz Museum, which is celebrating its 10 years of opening, and the Porsche Museum. 2- It’s relatively a short trip from Zurich, just over 2 hours, (and also from other cities/countries) and it can be an addition to your cheaper shopping trip (vs Switzerland) with actually visiting something on top of doing your grocery/other shopping. There’s a small, but very lively city centre, especially on a sunny day like we had last Saturday, with music playing in the streets and a flower and fruit&veg markets in the morning. Don’t miss Schlossplatz! Even if …