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A Special Come Back: 2 Things that have changed my life // Un ritorno con il botto: 2 novita’!

I know, it’s been a long time since I last published a post on my blog, but everyday life with many things to do together with being lazy brought me to temporarily abandon this beautiful, relaxing and energising habit of writing.

How many times did I have something to write? Well, so many! But actually 2 things prevented me

3 x 3 tips on where to have breakfast, lunch, aperitivo and dinner in Milan!

Ok, June has started, so it’s supposed to be good weather, right?! But for some reason it’s not always the case. So what about a city escape to another city? And what about Milan?! Since after the Expo Milan has been in full bloom! The city looks spectacular: lots of renovation and works to improve the city, new restaurants and bars openining up at every corner, new shops as well as new museums and new exhibitions spaces to visit! So while you wait for you seaside escape, try Milan! Here are some spots you’d want to check out, assuming you already know Milan. Otherwise I’ll provide some tips in another post. Art, food, design and the likes . Fondazione Prada – contrasting opinions about it. Some say it’s cool and worth a visit because it’s Prada, some really liked it, some really didn’t. The cafe’ is interestingly decorated. See for yourself! . La Triennale Museum – a museum mainly dedicated to design, architecture, jewellery and space, which a very interesting location itself with a garden …

Needing an Unconventional Xmas Gift Idea? Want to support a Special Project? “On the Glo” is the way to go!!! // State cercando un’idea regalo originale per Natale? Magari supportando un Progetto Speciale? Ecco la soluzione: “On the Glo”!!!

Well, how did I find about the “On The Glo” Project? As most times, through a dear friend. We were catching up after a while, since I moved to Australia. When you’re far away you’re more prone to tell about yourself, your dreams, your projects, and so on. And so I did share with Titti my interest and passion towards jewellery and the desire of keeping this passion alive and maybe creating something in the future. The entrepreneurship theme seems to be a pretty trendy topic lately, although I’ve known it all my life somehow, unconsciously or not, since I was a kid, but had to go through a lot of amazing, exciting and interesting experiences before understanding my motivation, interests, etc… in short myself more deeply. And that’s when Titti told me about “On the Glo”, her sister’s project. So here’s my interview to uncover this fantastic Project! It’s a useful thing, it’s a fashionable thing, that keeps you safer and also an unconventional Xmas gift idea for you! You really need to read …

What’s the Melbourne Big Design Market? And what cool stuff to buy? // Cos’e’ il Big Design Market di Melbourne? ‘Cool stuff’ da comprare!

Last weekend was the Bid Design Market Melbourne (5-7th December) weekend, a great opportunity to know some local crafters, from Jewellery to leather and garden Designers, home décor and more. Definitely a good opportunity to buy your Xmas gifts or something to reward yourself. A Colour explosion housed at the Royal Exhibition Building, in the Carlton Gardens, that made me feel alive, that made me feel at home, surrounded by creativity, stimuli for the sight, …and mostly beauty! If you missed this year, keep it in mind for 2015 or have a look at some the craft brands I took note of or bought something J Here are some of the makers I liked the most, with a special focus on jewellery: Creative, fun and unusual T-shirts by ‘Hamb’ Colourful, candy Jewellery by ‘Emily Green’ Geometric, modern jewellery by ‘inSync Design’ Leather products by ‘A thoughtful spot’ Leather goods and jewellery by ‘Oktoberdee’ Resin jewellery by ‘Resinate’ Handmade Jewellery by ‘Kristina Brenke’ If you want to know more, this is the official website: ———- …