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Avete voglia di un succo estivo naturale? Leggete questo post :)

Ci si alza la mattina e si capisce gia’ dalla temperatura che sara’ una giornata rovente. L’unica cosa che si desidera appena svegli e’ bere qualcosa di fresco, acqua si’ ma poi anche qualcosa che disseti e soddisfi allo stesso tempo. #centrifuga #healthy #juice


A recipe for a relaxing getaway: Good Food, wine and … at Daylesford // Ricetta per il relax: Buona tavola e buon vino, e … a Daylesford

A kind staff will welcome you when you arrive at The Lake house in Daylesford. You enter an environment of indulgence, interesting pieces of furniture that all find their place. And it’s only 1 hour and a half from Melbourne. A relaxing getaway for a day or a weekend. This time the description in the post will be more detailed (e.g. the lunch menu), but I’ve organised it in sections so you can read what interests you the most. Salus Spa I’ve spent the first 2 hours being pampered at the Spa thanks to my husband’s wedding anniversary present. I indulged in a full body massage and a facial. All the lotions perfumes’ they used contributed to the relaxation experience as I ended smelling a bouquet of fresh vegetables, although I’ve later been told it was all about flowers and fruit. And I wasn’t even hungry! Well, still a mistery to me… All this while Carlo was enjoying the lounge. Although no one actually came up to him to ask if he wanted a glass …

What’s it like a Saturday afternoon at the Hot Springs // Un pomeriggio alle terme vicino a Melbourne

Another tick on my bucket list for Melbourne and Victoria: the Peninsula Hot springs at the tip of the Mornington Peninsula. It came as an invite to a prolonged birthday celebration of a French friend, it couldn’t have been a better invitation as I wanted to go there for a long time. And it was the perfect end to the celebration, the party of the Friday night was awesome! 🙂 It takes a 1h 30 min to get there, or 1h 15min via toll way. Once you’re on the Peninsula the panorama starts to be already very pleasant. Thing to absolutely know: you have to book your appointment in advance for a specific time, otherwise you risk being denied entrance, also if you’re late on a fully booked day. Yes, that’s Australia! Passed the admin, it’s a very enjoyable place, especially because it wasn’t that packed. You should not expect neither a luxurious place nor a European level hot springs, but they’re nonetheless pretty good. There are I think 30 pools, hot and cold, with …