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Nominated for “Der Koch Blog Preis 2017” i.e. 2017 Swiss Cooking Blog Award :)

Hello again! Yes, I’ve been back to writing and I’m writing a lot you’ll say…yep! Probably, but let’s take it as it comes! 🙂

Or should I say instead: “Hallo” (hello in German)?

Probably yes since I’ve been nominated to participate in this Swiss 2017 Cooking Blog Award or, better & properly said: “Der Koch Blog Preis 2017”.

Cooking is part of travelling and learning a new culture. Learn how people enjoy and share food, if it’s important in their culture or not, what they love cooking and eating, why and when.

like cooking, despite I’ve been able to do it a bit less recently with all the moving 2 years ago and with a small kid right now, but every now and then I still enjoy doing, especially exploring new recipes or inventing new ones. The latter most of the times driven by the fact that I suddenly feel the urge of cooking something but I don’t have all the right ingredients, or it’s too late or i feel too lazy to go and buy them, and I IMPROVISE! Something that my husband is not always particularly fond of and he makes fun of me saying things like: “I prepared your favourite dish “xxx”” and so he gets excited,  “but instead of using this, I used that”. More than often he just making fun with me with no reason, but sometimes he’s right 🙂 Anyways, …

Well i promise that I’ll be cooking more, but most importantly I’ll post more recipes and not just cook them! 🙂

Der Koch Preis 2017

Der Koch Preis 2017

If you want to support my blogger project and reward me for all the love and time I put in it, please “VOTE 4 ME”!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

It’s pretty simple! Just click on this link

and click on my Blog icon and PRESS THE BUTTON “ABSTIMMEN”, which is not a swearing word (just kidding), I promise, but it just means “TO VOTE” and that’s it! The more votes I get, the more chances I have to climb the Top List and get a bit of a reward.

But DO IT before June 28th …!


What’s in it for you?

Well, you’ll show me love, which usually feels good, but most of all you’ll get to read interest posts and recipes and maybe discover some more new blogs to follow and love! Thanks in advance for all your love! ❤ ❤ ❤

p.s. here’s a post you most probably will like:

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Milan born, I lived in the US although very briefly, Spain (Madrid), Australia (Melbourne) and now Zurich for an exciting new adventure! I'm a curious person, a traveller, a lover of languages and cultures, food, art & design, a marketer and about to become a jewellery designer. I also love traveling and sharing. Travelling is a Life Experience, and it also means new recipes, new styles, culture and so on... you'll find all my love for traveling and what it entails in this blog! I'll share my own real experiences with you so that you can get tips on Australia and more first hand! This blog is in English and Italian, and occasionally in Spanish. Sharing is caring!

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