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What’s the typical Swiss Easter cake? Here’s the recipe!

Well, it’s time to get local again in Switzerland and more specifically in Zurich.

As Easter is approaching, actually 4 days away, patisseries, supermarkets and and the all lot are already full of Chocolate Easter eggs, but mainly chocolate Easter bunnies even more, but also the traditional Swiss “Oster Torte” i.e. the Easter Cake.

Well, since this year Carlo’s birthday was just a few days before Easter, I decided we should give it a go and have a taste of this traditional Easter Cake, which usually has a bunny designed on top. My choice fell on Sprungli as it’s a patisserie and chocolaterie I can trust. So I gave the traditional Easter cake a new role: a birthday cake for Carlo!

This cake is made of rice and raisins mainly. It has a delicate taste and I think I liked it although it isn’t one of those cakes to die for, but it’s good to taste at least once and, with being a cake, it’s a healthier option than many more other chocolate and cream ones.

So here’s what it looks like as a birthday cake 😉

And here a recipe I found online. Well, either try to bake it or just buy it and enjoy it! 🙂


osterflaedli (Photo credit: Official Switzerland website)

Apparently there are more recipes, but here’s one from the Swiss tourism portal

And another one with rice, which is probably similar to the one we tasted sourced from the

Bunny on Easter cake (Photo credit:

Bunny on Easter cake (Photo credit:


Tart pan, 24 cm (9 to 10 inches) diameter

500 ml milk
60 grams sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla paste or vanilla extract
zest of 1 lemon
120 grams rice (e.g., Camolino rice or risotto)
30 grams butter, melted
2 eggs, separated
about 320 grams prepared pâte brisée (i.e., shortcrust pastry or pie crust)
100 grams apricot jam
powdered sugar for dusting


1. Stir together the milk, sugar and vanilla paste in a saucepan. Bring to a boil, and then add the lemon zest. Stir in the rice. Simmer for about 25 to 30 minutes until the rice becomes tender. Set aside to cool.

2. Place a piece of parchment paper in a tart pan, and then lay in the prepared pâte brisée. Trim the sides, if necessary. Prick the bottom with a fork in several places. Spread the apricot jam evenly on the prepared crust.

3. Melt the butter, and stir it into the cooled rice mixture. Separately, beat together the two egg yolks, and then stir them in as well, until combined.

4. Separately, beat together the two egg whites with an electric mixture until they form stiff peaks (it can be done by hand, but it takes more time and energy). Gently fold them into the rice mixture. Take the rice mixture and spread it evenly over the apricot jam in the prepared crust.

5. Bake the tart for about 40 to 45 minutes at 180C/350F until it has set (it doesn’t wobble when you take it out) and it’s lightly browned.

6. Once the tart has cooled, sprinkle with some powdered sugar (Please note: I made a quick bunny stencil with a sheet of paper. I held it down against the cake with some dried beans and sprinkled the sugar over it to make a pattern on the cake).

Bear in mind, I just tasted the cake yesterday, so I haven’t had the time to try myself at baking it 😉

Happy Easter!!!

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