Month: March 2016

What’s the typical Swiss Easter cake? Here’s the recipe!

Well, it’s time to get local again in Switzerland and more specifically in Zurich. As Easter is approaching, actually 4 days away, patisseries, supermarkets and and the all lot are already full of Chocolate Easter eggs, but mainly chocolate Easter bunnies even more, but also the traditional Swiss “Oster Torte” i.e. the Easter Cake. Well, since this year Carlo’s birthday was just a few days before Easter, I decided we should give it a go and have a taste of this traditional Easter Cake, which usually has a bunny designed on top. My choice fell on Sprungli as it’s a patisserie and chocolaterie I can trust. So I gave the traditional Easter cake a new role: a birthday cake for Carlo! This cake is made of rice and raisins mainly. It has a delicate taste and I think I liked it although it isn’t one of those cakes to die for, but it’s good to taste at least once and, with being a cake, it’s a healthier option than many more other chocolate and cream …

Tips on One of the Multiple Paradises in Italy, South of Sardinia (English only)

It’s been a long time since the last time I’ve been to Sardinia, probably 7/8 years. Often I dreamt of coming here while living in Australia, which has indeed beautiful beaches. But the Mediterrean is something different, unique with its vegetation, its rugged coastline and crystal clear water. And Sardinia is just a paradise! In case you’re already thinking of planning your next spring or summer holidays! 😉 There are many spots to visit throughout Sardinia, but this time I’m bringing you to the south, not far from Cagliari where you can fly to, for example, with Alitalia, Meridiana or Ryanair from Milan or Bergamo, if leaving from Italy. We’re staying at Chia, part of Domus de Maria, not too far from Pula. There are different accommodation options here: – Aqua Dulci, a 4-star hotel, where you can enjoy a very comfortable stay and beautiful food, but that doesn’t come cheap – Hotel Spartivento Resort, which is a bit further up on the mountain, but that offers you an uncomparable” view over the sea. The …

Tips on when to buy your next flight // Quando e’ meglio comprare un volo?

Sorry, I have been silent for a while, but I’ve been very busy tackling new frontiers 🙂 I have been reading though an article about buying patterns when booking a holiday. Things are changing and you’ll find interesting to read this article published on Expedia. You’ll find tips, for example, on when it’s the best day to book a flight. Wouldn’t it be nice to know? ———- //———- Scusate l’assenza, ma sono stata veramente presa, impegnata verso nuovi orizzonti. Comunque volevo condividere con voi un articolo che ho letto su Expedia qualche settimane fa’ che parlava del comportamento dei consumatori alla volta di acquistare i biglietti aerei, dove il prezzo diventa sempre piu’ importante. Ma no, davvero?! Scherzo, e’ sempre meglio che le sensazioni siano documentate! e’ interessante perche’ troverete interessanti spunti su quando, per esempio, acquistare i biglietti aerei. Non male, no? Buona lettura! …in inglese!