Month: January 2016

Top 52 Places to Discover in 2016 according to the New York Times // 52 destinazioni da scoprire nel 2016 secondo il New York Times

TheNew York Times has published a list of the 52 Places worth visiting in 2016. Many of you have probably seen it flicking through your FB updates, but if you did not pay attention or you just looked into some of the destination, I’d suggest you to have a closer look at the full list. Despite agreeing or not with the ranked destinations, I think it’s really well presented! You’re presented with an amazing shot on one side and if you want to know more about that place, you can just click on the photo and discover more in general and of recent events or facts, at least on your phone, on your computer the description is just below. Many sites present it similarly, but somehow I find this list of the NYT more elegant and more impactful. It’ll be a very good photograph or just its image quality, the fact that some photos are half videos or the usually non-banal descriptions, I don’t know. Anyway, why don’t you just take a 2nd look!

There is something about Samoa: an Introduction to this Paradise (English only)

Before defintely leaving the Southern hemisphere at least for a while, we decided to enjoy a short break in the Pacific islands and this time we chose Samoa. Why Samoa? Samoa is just under 4hours from Auckland, our previous location, and it is still quite unspoilt and underdeveloped in terms of tourism. Let’s say it’s still authentic! Where to stay? There are different options on the 10 Samoan islands, but don’t expect the variety or the standard you’d find in Fiji. We stayed at the Sheraton Aggies Grey’s Resort and one of the reasons for this is because my husband is an SPG member and you are usually sure of their standard… it was really advantageous for us. It’s definitely quite a nice resort, with some room for improvement, due the fact that Sheraton started to manage it only recently and because Samoans are not used to mass tourism and they take their time to do things, but usually always with a smile on their face. So you’d need to take this into consideration and …

La befana vien di notte … anche in Australia! / Ephiphany & the ‘Befana’ Witch tradition in Italy / Hoy llegan los reyes, a Melbourne también!

Originally posted on La Vale and Her World:
La Befana vien di notte con le scarpe tutte rotte con le toppe alla sottana: Viva, viva la Befana! Ma questa è solo una delle versioni della filastrocca per il giorno della Befana. Qui ne troverai altre: E qui una inedita, o almeno per me! La Befana vien di notte con le scarpe tutte rotte E se trova un fanciullino Che nell’ombra sta a guardare, sai che fa’? Prende e se ne va’! E così l’aspetteremo per l’anno prossimo!  Mentre gli spagnoli festeggiano il giorno de Los Reyes Magos, cioè dei Re Magi. Normalmente i doni non arrivano ai bambini il giorno di Natale, ma il giorno de los Reyes, quando anche i Magi portano i doni al Bambin Gesù. Anche se, in molte case, la tradizione sta cambiando e si è spostata verso il Natale. Tipico dolce de Los Reyes, è il Roscòn de Reyes, una specie di ciambella dolce con frutta candita. Eccone un’esempio, e cioè quello che avevo comprato io l’anno scorso per…