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Dove si trova il paradiso della carta a Melbourne // Where’s the Paper (art & craft) paradise in Melbourne?

Paperpoint, South Melbourne (Photo credit:

A lazy Sunday and hot morning in Melbourne, went out to get a couple of things done and indulged in visiting a shop I longed visiting for a while: Paperpoint. Well, I started exploring what was on the shelves and from the start I got positively overwhelmed by the colours and textures that were all around, let alone all the cute Xmas decorations, little puppets and little things all over the shop. I was in heaven. It was about just about joy! the little neurons or people that are in my head, just started running and jumping around, happy! A new idea after the other came out of all the things that Paperpoint was selling. Well, you’ll know I bought half of the shop and luckily it was lunch time and /i had to go home, otherwise it would have a been a much worse “economic disaster”! 🙂

It made me feel excited like when I used to spend hours at “Il Paradiso della carta‘ (The Paper paradise) in Milan or at ‘L’antica Cartoleria Novecento” with my parents or only with my fast imagination.

Here are a couple of photographs, I live the rest to your imagination and hopefully to your visit to Paperpoint in South Melbourne. Pop in the next time you go to the market, why not?! if you love paper, colours, art & crafts or you just need a Xmas card, you’ll enjoy this place very much!

Purchases Paperpoint (Photo credit:

Purchases Paperpoint (Photo credit:

———- // ———-

Una domenica mattina calda d’inizio estate, pigra, ma con una commissione importante da fare. Mi son spinta fuori in bici, nonostante la calura, all’inizio molto piacevole, venendo dalla primavera. Ho deciso di condermi un giro per le vetrine, prima di tornare a casa ed entrare finalmente da Paperpoint, un negozio che avevo adocchiato da tempo, ma che ho sempre trovato chiuso o io non avevo tempo.

sono entrata, ho iniziato ad esplorare e sono subito rimasta affascinata dai colori, dai vari tipi di carta e materiali a disposizione, soprattutto, ma anche dalle decorazioni di natale, i biglietti, i pupazzetti e ammenicoli vari. Un parco giochi, o meglio un paradiso per me che adoro le cartolerie, la carta, i colori, provare a creare, anche solo immaginando le mie creazioni. Mi ricordo le ore passate al Paradiso della Carta, in centro a Milano o l’Antica Cartoleria Novecento. Non possono che essere bei ricordi, di momenti spesi coi miei o solamente con me stessa e la mia immaginazione.

Se vivete o passate da Melbourne, e vi trovate nei pressi del South Melbourne Market, fate un salto da Paperpoint.



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