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My ‘Aussie’, but multicultural haircut // Il mio taglio ‘australiano, ma multiculturale

Ho preso il coraggio a due mani e deciso di condividere la foto del mio taglio. A molti non freghera’ un granche’, ma visto che alcuni me l’hanno chiesta, non c’e’ niente di male nell’era del ‘selfie’, instagram, ecc…

Eccola qui…

Haircut_side (Photo credit:

Haircut_side (Photo credit:

Per carita’, nulla di drammatico, ed era in effetti cio’ che cercavo, solo la piega non mi ha esaltato, troppo da ‘bambola’ e forse per fortuna che non ha tenuto molto… Qualcuno mi ha anche consigliato di sorridere la prossima volta e ha ragione. Quando faccio le foto son talmente concentrata (a scattare un profilo decente ;)) che me ne dimentico, ma quando scatto agli altri, la cosa strana, e’ che sorrido anch’io! 🙂

p.s. Perche’ australiano, ma multiculturale? Leggete il mio posto precedente

———- // ———-

I decided to win over shy and “who cares about your haircut?” and poublish actually 2 photos. As I was mentioning, most people won’t really give a damn about it, but as someone asked me about it, why not? We’re in the ‘selfie’, instagram, fb era, right?

Here it is…

Haircut (Photo credit:

Haircut (Photo credit:

Nothing too dramatic, actually that’s exactly what I was looking for, not being ashamed of walking around with a terrible haircut, I was only not extremely happy with the blow dry , too ‘girly’ and not very substantial, but maybe it’s better like this. Someone also suggested me to smile the next time and she’s right. When I take photographs of myself I never smile as I’m too concentrated in getting a good result, but when I take photographs of others, strangely enough, I actually always smile! 🙂

ps. why is it an Australian haricut, but multicultural? Read my previous post:

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Milan born, I lived in the US although very briefly, Spain (Madrid), Australia (Melbourne) and now Zurich for an exciting new adventure! I'm a curious person, a traveller, a lover of languages and cultures, food, art & design, a marketer and about to become a jewellery designer. I also love traveling and sharing. Travelling is a Life Experience, and it also means new recipes, new styles, culture and so on... you'll find all my love for traveling and what it entails in this blog! I'll share my own real experiences with you so that you can get tips on Australia and more first hand! This blog is in English and Italian, and occasionally in Spanish. Sharing is caring!


  1. Bella! 🙂

    Da quando sono qui mi crescono piu’ velocemente i capelli (e i peli!!), prima o poi mi tocchera’… 🙂

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