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1st Haircut in Australia? // Primo taglio in Australia?

getting a haircut (Photo credit:

getting a haircut (Photo credit:

Sometimes we believe that there’s no place like our home country. There they do everything, or most things, better. Let’s take Hair-cutting and Italy. Well, objectively they cut your hair very well in Italy and my experience relies actually on Milan (lately Adore’) where I lived most of my life.

If I say I had my 1st Haircut in Australia last week, it’s not true…I should say “since I’m back”. I once I had a haircut at Bondi beach with my friend Martina in 2001 and I was actually pretty happy with it! 🙂 But I can say I had my 1st cut in Melbourne 2 weeks ago and I survived! Just joking!

As per my first lines, thinking I cannot have my hair cut anywhere else in the world (I’ve been back twice to Italy and I had my hair cut while I was there), I asked people to understand where to go, once passed the idea of hairdressers being more expensive here. As I liked the haircut style of my friend Penny, I asked her where she usually goes. She goes to Mira in Port Melbourne, an interesting, lively and quite talkative lady from Albania that has lived in Italy, Canada and now in Melbourne.

I had a simple haircut, as I want to let it grow and actually did not want to risk it too much, and highlights. I must say I’m pretty happy with the result, especially because no damage was done and I got $50 off for the first haircut. Yes, I was really surprised by the blow dry, too girly although I specifically I asked for a straight look. All in all it was a pleasant experience, but I think I’m going to be ready for something more stylish and modern next time! 🙂

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Taglio capelli aiuto (Photo credit:

Taglio capelli aiuto (Photo credit:

Se dico che non mi sono mai tagliata i capelli in Australia, in realta’ non e’ vero. Me li son tagliati una volta a Bondi Beach con la mia amica Martina nel 2002 ed ero abbastanza contenta del risultato. Posso pero’ dire che 2 settimane fa’ me li sono tagliati per la 1a volta a Melbourne e questa volta, come da tradizione frequente, la sera stessa non mi ha pero’ vista la mia amica Ludi.

Perche’ non me li sono tagliati prima qui? Beh perche’ innazitutto e’ piuttosto caro, poi volevo farmi crescere i capelli ed ho aspettato il primo ritorno a Milano, dove se no tagliano bene i capelli? (Per la serie a casa proprio tutto e’ meglio! E poi chi si fida?) Questa volta non essendo il ritorno in Italia molto vicino, di necessita’ virtu’. Dopo aver chiesto in giro nei mesi precedenti, ho chiesto alla mia amica Penny dato che mi piaceva il suo taglio e mi ha consigliato Mira. Una signora giovane, molto espansiva e piacevole albanese che ha vissuto in Italia e in Canada prima di trasferirsi con la famiglia a Melbourne (moilti albanesi, come molti italiani, sono emigrati in Australia).

Volevo un taglio semplice, per farli crescere e sinceramente per non rischiare troppo, e dei colpi di sole. Sono stata piuttosto contenta del risultato anche se avrei voluto una piega meno da bambola, anche se avevo chiesto l’opposto, ma l’esperienza e’ stata piacevole. La prossima volta sono decisamente pronta per qualcosa di piu’ moderno e ‘stylish’!

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Milan born, I lived in the US although very briefly, Spain (Madrid), Australia (Melbourne) and now Zurich for an exciting new adventure! I'm a curious person, a traveller, a lover of languages and cultures, food, art & design, a marketer and about to become a jewellery designer. I also love traveling and sharing. Travelling is a Life Experience, and it also means new recipes, new styles, culture and so on... you'll find all my love for traveling and what it entails in this blog! I'll share my own real experiences with you so that you can get tips on Australia and more first hand! This blog is in English and Italian, and occasionally in Spanish. Sharing is caring!


  1. I sure understand how difficult it is to change hairdressers! It took me several years to find one that I really like here in Norway after I moved. She was on maternity leave a year ago and I let my super-short hair get longer and shaggier for months until she was back part time and I could get an appointment!

    You should post a photo of what it looks like now. 🙂

    • Ahah Cindi, us women we are alike in certain respects, and I thought I was the only one 🙂 I really much enjoyed your message, I had a good laugh!

      I thought of sharing my photo, but it really doesn’t look like a haircut…yes, maybe my hair look shorter, but that’s about it… and a bit too girly for my tastes. I’ll ponder and I’ll maybe do it 🙂

      hope your hairdresser came back from maternity leave! eheh

  2. I totally share your apprehension! Nice to know we are not alone in this… I actually found my current stylist through her FB page (Hair by Erin) in which she talked about her love of Hockey, specifically our city’s NHL hockey team, the Washington Capitals.

    Looking back, I think it’s kind of strange to pick a hairdresser based on her love of ice hockey… but it seems to be working- we’re going on 5 years together now and I would highly recommend her (she’s much better than the hockey team we both support!) ;0

    • ahah glad to hear back from you! I guess we all make decisions for different reasons, they don’t have all to be rational and if it works for us, it really doesn’t matter. It also tells us how everybody is unique and we can still be different from one another in our decisions despite a lot of mass trends 🙂 I enjoyed very much your little story, hope the hairdresser will keep working and the NHL hockey team will reach the hairdresser’s standards! 🙂

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