Month: August 2014

4th time – Melbourne most liveable city! What are the others?

Even if it’s very quick, I could not avoid sharing this article. it’s been almost 2 years and Melbourne you already hold a special place in my heart! Everybody should stop by for a few days in Melbourne when visiting Australia! Why? Because of its lifestyle, its cafes and restaurant, different spots of the city where ‘Australian old’ mixes with super modern, South Melbourne and St Kilda, the beaches going towards the Mornington Peninsula and all the sorroundings if you fancy wine and food or rugged coastline and wildlife. I could write forever, but I’ll leave you to the article from SBS: And enjoy below a quick selection of photographs of Melbourne and area.

Dry July, it rhymes! // Cosa fai? Dry July!

A Spanish friend of mine once told me: “Australians are always asking you to donate a gold coin”. And it’s true, does this come from altruism or not I don’t know. They also love challenging themselves, each month with a different thing: to loose weight, to raise money for a specific project or charity. And most of the times they do both. An example is the Movember, that most of you will know (read about it here), or as the month of July just ended, the “Dry July”. A month of avoiding booze, as they call it here, or alcohol, a problem in Australia, to support adults with cancer. After living almost 2 years in Australia, I can say that I like these challenges and I find them an intelligent way to both do some good to others, but also to yourself. As you’re challenging you to achieve a goal, strengthen your willpower and improve yourself. And if you don’t feel strong enough, there’s always a way as most people participate in teams. So the …