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What’s Anzac Day & Anzac Biscuits (recipe)? // Cosa sono l’Anzac Day e i Biscotti Anzac (ricetta)?

This post is dedicated mostly to the Italian audience being 25th April an important day to remember also in Italy and not only in Australia. That is why I’ll spend more words in my post in Italian. As I was saying, traditionally for me, being Italian, April 25th has always been Bank holiday as it is here in Australia. In Australia though it’s called Anzac Day and it is celebrated for a different reason: to commemorate the lost lives of Australian and New Zealand soldiers that fought and died in Gallipoli (Turkey) on April 25th in 1915 (World War I).

A service at dawn takes place everywhere in Australia to remember those losses and all later losses in other wars. Here you can find more details about it:

“It has been claimed that biscuits made of oats were sent by the soldiers’ wives, the ingredients do not spoil easily and the biscuits kept well during naval transportation.” (source: Now they are commonly sold in supermarkets and very commonly used to fundraise in favour of retired soldiers and related activities. Here one recipie I found on the internet that I’d like to soon try:

Anzac Day single Biscuit (Photo credit:

Anzac Day single Biscuit (Photo credit:

Lest we forget!

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Anche in Australia si festeggia il 25 aprile, ma per ragioni diverse. Intanto iniziamo dall’acronimo.

Cosa vuol dire Anzac? Anzac sta per Australian and New Zealand Army Corps.

E perche’ e’ cosi’ importante questo giorno? E’ cosi’ importante perche’ il 25 aprile del 1915, durante la 1a guerra mondiale e’ avvenuto il piu’ grande massacro delle prime truppe Australiane e Neozelandesi inviate per la 1a volta a combattere in Occidente a Gallipoli, per conto dell’Impero Britannico, contro l’Impero Ottomano. L’obiettivo era raggiungere ed espugnare Costantinopoli per aprire la via verso il Mar Nero.

Al giorno d’oggi si ricordano i caduti a Gallipoli, ma anche tutti i caduti delle guerre successive, attraverso una cerimonia che avviene all’alba momento in cui sbarcarano le truppe Anzac a Gallipoli. Per maggiori dettagli, leggete qui:

Si vendono anche gli Anzac Biscuits, a base di avena, che si racconta fossero inviati dalle mogli dei soldati in guerra perche’ riuscivano a conservarsi bene per molte settimane, sopravvivendo anche al viaggio in nave. Ora sono venduti comunemente nei supermercati. Ecco un ricetta che ho trovato online e che mi riservo di provare a breve:

Anzac Days Biscuits (Photo credit:

Anzac Days Biscuits (Photo credit:

Per non dimenticare…

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