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What to do on a weekend around Adelaide?

A vineyard in the South Australian wine region...

A vineyard in the South Australian wine region of the Barossa Valley. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Barossa Valley, well, this place brings me back to my study exchange experience at Macquarie University many years ago. You’ll know about it, if you read some of my previous posts. During the Easter Break I did this trip from Sydney to Melbourne (by bus, yes, 13 hours) and then a tour of the Great Ocean Road, a sort of hop on hop off, till Adelaide. There we then decided to spend 3 beautiful days wandering around Barossa Valley and sleeping in the vineyards. All this with my friends from Austria and Germany, Kathrin and Brit. I guess an Italian was needed for diplomacy reasons 😉

Well, a couple of weeks ago I went back with my husband. A trip down memory lane.
We landed at Adelaide airport, that is now partially renovated, then with a hired car, we left our luggage at our accommodation, Tiffin’s Hotel, booked through Actually nothing special, but quite a good price for being a hotel close to the CBD.

Our plan was not very much of a plan. We knew we wanted to spend some time in the Barossa Valley and some time at the beach.

Glenelg Promenade, South Australia (Photo Credit:

Glenelg Promenade, South Australia (Photo Credit:

Day 1
We went to Glenelg, a popular city side beach destination. We had a stroll on the beach on a beautiful sunny day, although a bit windy. I guess it’s always windy on the Aussie coast. Then we decided to have lunch there as it was already late. Nothing really to be mentioned.

Glenelg Beach, South Australia (Photo Credit:

Glenelg Beach, South Australia (Photo Credit:

Our 2nd destination was the McLaren Vale, a hillside area with beautiful colours, views, sometimes also overlooking the ocean.
We stopped and did some wine tasting at the Wirra Wirra Estate. Nice vegetation and nice wines and we bought a bottle of Church Block, a Cabernet Sauvignon Shiraz Merlot.

Before heading back to Adelaide, a nice little town to visit is Handorf, founded by the Germans (you might have guessed it from the name) and where you can still find a lot German products (food, craft things, Xmas decorations, …) and cuisine.
We stopped at “The Haus”, although there were a couple of other choices for dinner, and many more for breakfast or afternoon cake. Mmm mouth-watering options and cute at first sight cafes. As it was a nice summer evening, we enjoyed a glass of wine and Carlo went for a big pork meat chunk option. He was satisfied with it, no doubt! German style!

We drove around Adelaide by night. They’re building a lot and doing renovation works to make this little Aussie city look pretty. I’d suggest the botanical garden, as everywhere, and to explore the area along the river.

Adelaide city skyline from North Adelaide

Adelaide city skyline from North Adelaide (Photo credit: Adriano_of_Adelaide)

Day 2
After a good night sleep, I don’t know how, but I got myself to do a morning run in the park in front of the hotel. It’s partly looking as some arid typical Aussie vegetation and partly as an English very green and taken care garden. Renovations were in progress too.

Then we went for one of the best brekkie I’ve ever had in Australia, at Biga on Hutt Street.
Eggs, bread, spinach and coffee were delicious! It’s usually a typical stop from weekend cyclists after they had their morning stroll I’ve been told. Definitely make some time for it!

Biga Panificio Cafe, Adelaide SA (Photocredit:

Biga Panificio Cafe, Adelaide SA (Photocredit:

And then finally Barossa Valley.
I drove on the highway and then winding road towards the main wineries. Although respecting the speed limit, it was a great enjoyable drive. It was like driving on the GP but with a hillside component. A lot of fun!

Barossa Valley, Loose yourself (Photo credit:

Barossa Valley, Loose yourself (Photo credit:

Our wineries stops:
Peter Lehman
I remember stopping there also during my 1st visit to Barossa. It’s worthwhile. If you check-in through FourSquares, there’s also an interesting offer. A free wine withe purchase of a picnic platter. I must say, if you are used to European Cheese and Cold cuts platters, it probably won’t look very inviting to you.
By the way, definitely great wines!

Peter Lehman winery, Barossa Valley (Photo credit:

Peter Lehman winery, Barossa Valley (Photo credit:

Try these:

Good wines, but disappointing venue. I think you need to go to the restaurant, located somewhere else in the Barossa, to enjoy nice atmosphere & setting.

Penfolds winery, Barossa Valley (Photo credit:

Penfolds winery, Barossa Valley (Photo credit:

Very nice, romantic, old fashioned setting. We were not really impressed with the wines, but the jams and sauces were pretty good. We bought one of the mustard and a Fig & chilli compote to use on meats.

Then we stopped at a nice cafe Red Door Espresso, as we actually didn’t eat until 3pm, for a nice platter this time and a good “noisette” smoothie.

We had a lovely time and we were able to see all this in just one weekend and without rushing things. So very happy!
If you have more time to spear, you’ll definitely never regret mingling around a bit more!

“Barossa Valley, Be consumed”, the Official motto.
Watch this video and you’ll understand.
And my motto: “Barossa Valley, Loose yourself!” 😉

P.s. Kangaroo Island is still on my “Bucket List”


  1. Oh, Valeria, this sounds like a fabulous weekend. You’re drinking one of our favorite wines, the Cabernet Sauvignon Shiraz Merlot. My husband is a fan of Australian wines, especially from McLaren Vale. (Although he might also say the same thing about Spanish wines, and Italian reds, and…)

    Ok, you’re right- great minds do think alike! Save your recommendations for us so we can see if the good stuff gets sent here! Thanks for the heads-up on your post! Well done!

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