Month: November 2013

What’s FoMO? 4 Tips Shows You How to Cope with it. // FoMO: “Uma vida correndo”. 4 consigli su come affrontarla.

FoMo, aka ‘Fear of Missing Out’. I have to admit that I am affected myself by Fomo sometimes as there are so many things I want to do and places I want to see in my life. And so I force myself into running from one place to another to see people, new places (whether a new cafe or a town while traveling) or experience something I’ve never done before. I think increasing people are affected but this phenomenon, but I believe there’s also a parallel trend of trying to enjoy the good things life, especially Food & Wine, slow down and spend ‘quality time’ with friends, the loved ones, or just escape from the cities and this crazy lifestyle. And that is why I believe there’s an increasing offer of different getaways, organic food, gourmet, or ‘sort of’, restaurants springing and so on. That’s why I said I only sometimes experience FoMO, if it’s FoMO. I, in fact, sometimes believe it’s just a crazy curiosity about the world and life in general. Anyway no …

Torquay and Bells Beach, the Surfers paradise! // Las playas de Torquay y Bells, las playas de los surferos!

Por fin un día de vacaciones en el medio de la semana! Y cual mejor idea que salir de Melbourne y ir a las afueras? También para recordar que estoy en Australia. Hay muchas cosas que te lo recuerden, pero no como ver la inmensidad del territorio, la costa, el océano… En fin la gran naturaleza australiana. Asi’ que con algunos amigos Espanoles, cual mejor compañía?? Jeje 😉 Nos fuimos primero a Rose State Garden, para empezar despacito y con tranquilidad. Un jardin precioso con rosas de todo tipo, color y olor. Un cafecito, una charla y ala! A la vuelta de Torquay, la Surf Coast del Victoria aprox a 1h y media de Melbourne. Dimos una vuelta y luego elegimos un cafe muy bonito, una mesa al sol (aguantamos!) y hamburguesa y cerveza. Que’ mas queríamos? Luego un paseito al sol antes de tumbarnos en el césped al lado de la playa para evitar el viento, bastante intenso, que soplaba en la primavera australiana. Tercera etapa fue Bells Beach, la playa de lo surferos …

Hilarious! The Best Air Safety Video Campaign… by Air New Zealand!

Every time you board a plane, just before or while taking off you are asked to pay attention to the safety demonstration of the aircraft. And most of time people would just continue reading what they are reading or paying attention with almost bothered and highly bored. You’ll be amazed instead by the energy, originality of the Air New Zealand safety video. It’s hilarious! Fun, entertaining, making you want watch the whole video and maybe waiting for more! Click on the image below to watch the video: And apparently Air New Zealand has always tried to show things differently and inform its customers on their safety features while entertaining and constantly surprising. Have a look at the Hobbit video for example, click on the image below. Enjoy the video, enjoy New Zealand! Have a great flight and HAERE MAI (Welcome)! Related articles In Flight Safety Video: Air New Zealand Style (

Want to move abroad? But where?

A friend just shared an article about the best countries to move to according to 3 main different criteria: 1. Economics 2. Experience 3. Raising children But the good thing about it is that the ranking is interactive according to which are the criteria that interest you the most. You might be interested more into the experience or just some aspects of the economics. Here’s the link to the countries interactive 2013 ranking by HSBC: But you can also compare 2 countries, read about hints and tips or go more in the research into detail. I won’t uncover you anything, but you’ll find a few surprises! For you to read! Related articles Want to move abroad? This map shows the best and worst countries to be an expatriate. ( World’s 10 best economies for expats ( The 15 Best Countries For You To Move To Right Now (