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Expat Life

A new section has just come to live on my blog aboutExpat life‘, the hardship & excitement of moving to another place and start a new life somewhere else.

In my case, right now it’s Melbourne, but it’s been Madrid in the past. I’ve even been a temporary expatriate also in other cities for shorter periods of time, to learn a language or do an internship. For example in Barcelona, San Diego, the little town of Moodus CT (USA), Sydney, …

English: Luna Park in St Kilda, Melbourne

English: Luna Park in St Kilda, Melbourne (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ll be sharing my experience, what’s yours?

Check it out by Clicking on the link below: Expat Life.



  1. Hi Valeria-
    Thank you very much for the link and for including my Life Lessons Expat blog (whattheworldtaughtme.com) in your related articles. I hope our joint efforts will help others who are expats, maybe considering moving abroad or have just re-patriated and having adjustment issues as well.
    I am enjoying your stories, and getting a chance to learn a little Italian along the way! A win-win!

    Thanks again! I’m a new fan… 🙂


    • Hi Jonelle,
      thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts and sharing yours with me.
      I think that if sharing our experience helps even a little someone else, I’d already be happy. It would be the best reward, don’t you think?

      I’ll catch up on reading your blog too. Thank you for following me and be a new fan! 🙂

      We’ll “speak” soon,

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