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Places you never knew you could ski // Posti insoliti per sciare

Mary's Slide, Mount Hotham, Victoria, Australia.

Mary’s Slide, Mount Hotham, Victoria, Australia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here downunder it’s winter, although it’s frequently sunny and temperature are more than bearable. For now like a mild autumn, at least during the day. Anyway, as it is winter, my thought goes directly to snow! And maybe the thought could be somehow ‘refreshing’ for those in Europe or UpAbove, suffering from the heat. i came across this article about very unusual places to ski on The Age, Did you know you could ski in … If curious, have a read!

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Qui da queste parti, in Australia, è inverno e almeno a Melbourne un po’ si sente, soprattutto la mattina e la sera, mentre durante il giorno, essendoci spesso il sole, sembra quasi di vivere un tiepido autunno. Comunque la parola inverno non puo’ che risvegliare in me la voglia di sciare!

Stamattina sono incappata in questo articolo che, per la calda europa o l’emisfero settentrionale, potrebbe risultare ‘rinfrescante’! 🙂 Ecco una lista di posti impensabili dove sciare! Se siete curiosi, leggete un po’ qui:

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Milan born, I lived in the US although very briefly, Spain (Madrid), Australia (Melbourne) and now Zurich for an exciting new adventure! I'm a curious person, a traveller, a lover of languages and cultures, food, art & design, a marketer and about to become a jewellery designer. I also love traveling and sharing. Travelling is a Life Experience, and it also means new recipes, new styles, culture and so on... you'll find all my love for traveling and what it entails in this blog! I'll share my own real experiences with you so that you can get tips on Australia and more first hand! This blog is in English and Italian, and occasionally in Spanish. Sharing is caring!

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