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Rushing for Gold, Enjoying it for its Food & more: Ballarat!

Eureka Flag @ MADE Museum, Ballarat

Eureka Flag @ MADE Museum, Ballarat

It’s  been a while that I wanted to go and visit Ballarat. Why? Well, it is the symbol of the Gold Rush in Australia and it is where the Eureka Stockade took place. That is some important piece of history in Australia and an historic place just very close to Melbourne.

Battle of the Eureka Stockade. J. B. Henderson...

Battle of the Eureka Stockade. J. B. Henderson (1854) Watercolour (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s just an hour and a half drive from Melbourne, but you can reach it by train. I’d suggest to go by car as you get the chance to visit also the surroundings. A new museum has also just opened: M.A.D.E. – Museum  of Australian Democracy at Eureka. This museum proposes different views on democracy in the world, but most importantly sits on the site where the Eureka Stockade took place. This rebels action occurred in 1854 when the miners in the area started to claim their rights. This event in time is considered by some people as the starting point for Democracy in Australia. Its symbol is a blue flag, sewn by the miners wives, with the Southern Cross star. You can see it in the museum, which is tiny compared to what I expected. It’s very interactive, with a modern architecture and a beautiful surrounding vegetation. As it was Mother’s Day and the 2nd opening weekend, the visit was free and we didn’t pay the 12$ entrance ticket. It might be a reasonable price in Australian terms, but if I compare it to the price for value we have in Europe, it is probably too high. I have though got to see the flag and I think it was interesting visiting it.
By the time we finished the visit, we were pretty hungry, and after been refused by many restaurants, all full or not accepting customers after 1:30pm, we ended up in the Ballarat Stake House .
The meat was delicious! And good was also the location! By being late, we were basically enjoying, what I think, was the function room by ourselves.

The Ballarat Steak House

The Ballarat Steak House

We skipped desserts, as we had a better idea for that: the Pancake Kitchen. We all shared a couple of pancakes, just the perfect way to end an already very good meal.

Pancakes @ Pancake Kitchen in Ballarat

Pancakes @ Pancake Kitchen in Ballarat

In the afternoon we walked around Ballarat city centre, admiring the old Victorian/Georgian Buildings, Some of them completely reminded me of England. Meanwhile we were listening to folk music being played, which really put us in a joyful mood, ready to enter the ‘Mining Exchange‘ Gallery. We didn’t know that the vintage weekend was on, and apart from the gallery being very nice by itself, there was a display of vintage stalls from old Theatre posters to the old Popcorn making machine to the…. Apron Festival!!!

Ballarat Apron Festival

Ballarat Apron Festival

Yes, it’s exactly what you just read! A group of inventive and energetic women have started this competition and you can read more on their website. It’s been a whole new & fun discovery. I’ll make sure to be back next year!!!

This was a historical moment. the Eureka Stock...

This was a historical moment. the Eureka Stockade, where miners were fed up with paying high fees to mine gold and the high tax. This was sketched by a Canadian artist and digger, Charles Doudiet. This was where the miners would meet and consult about the issues with the government. It was a really good way of showing people what the Eureka Stocade was about. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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