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What does the word ‘TA’ mean? / Cosa significa la parola inglese ‘TA’?

TA very muchAle is an ex-colleague of my husband and also a friend. Ale is a person with lots of interests and the things he does, for what I know, he does them well. For example he plays the guitar, he has a band, he’s a tech expert or enthusiast, he likes to write on his blog and I think he should be a writer. He always has such a smooth touch in his words, almost a forgotten respect & politeness in the way he expresses his thoughts on “paper” (or web paper) or when he talks to you.  Unfortunately, at least for now, his posts are only in Italian.

He’s very energetic person, and it could be just this way as he does a lot more things! He very kindly asked me to write a post for his blog, as a Guest Blogger, and to thank him I decided to write about the word “TA”. The Native English speakers will understand right away why, but if you are curious about my short curious story, go ahead!

Here below the English version, you’ll find the Italian Intro after the English post & the article here:


Life is a learning journey. And I’m not only talking about life important learnings, essential to your own existence, but also simple stuff, that you don’t know because it belongs to a different culture from yours.
A few days ago I talked to you about my discovery of the word, and delicious treat, ‘friand’ or ‘financiere’ in French (, today we are going to discover the word ‘TA‘. Maybe that’s so obvious to you, especially if you were born in the UK, Australia or in any English speaking country, but it’s not at all if you were, for example, born in Italy 🙂
Well, let’s start by saying that it’s a good word. A cozy, friendly word, I’d say. And I’m going to tell you the story about the discovery of its meaning.

Well, as recently arrived to Australia, a few months ago, I decided I wanted to go back to practice yoga. Australia is the country where I first tried this discipline and I loved it! So I guess, in the balance of the Universe, it all made sense to me. So I started to go to a Yoga studio in Melbourne called ‘Breathe‘. A very yogic place, peaceful, with lots of light, nice colours, and also just cool! You’d feel almost out of place if you were not wearing Lulemoon Athletica clothes and being at least a bit artistic or showing yourself as such. But anyway I don’t want to get too much into this, although it gives you a bit of background. Anyway, I like ‘Breathe’ Yoga Studio. So every time I’d go to Yoga or Pilates, I’d have to swipe my little plastic card. And the guy/girl at the reception would reply to me with the word ‘TA‘. I actually didn’t really get the meaning of it at first. I just thought it was a ‘Yogic‘ code of communication that I was soon to understand and embrace. Well, I admit I was a bit fascinated by it. So I kept telling my self I should google it sometimes, just to fully understand what it meant. But then I kept forgetting and I noticed that they were replying to me with the word ‘TA’ not only at Yoga, but also at the cinema and other places. So that’s when I finally realised it is an abbreviation for ‘Thank you’. It is supposed to be a friendly way of thanking someone, especially when you know the person very well.
A new word in my English vocabulary!

So, ‘Ta’ to all of you for reading it! 😉

———- // ———-

Ale è un ex-collega di Carlo e ora anche un amico. E’ una persona piena di interessi, che sa’ un po’ di tutto e sa’ sempre darti una nuova prospettiva sulle cose che ama. Nonostante abbia mille interessi riesce bene in tutto quello che fa’, per quanto ne sappia. Suona la chitarra, ha una band, e non è la prima, è appassionato di tecnologia e gli piace scrivere. E per fortuna visto che i suoi articoli sono sempre scritti con una delicatezza che sembra accarezzare la mente. Ha un rispetto e un’educazione nei riguardi delle persone che è raro da trovare oggigiorno e che senza dubbio colpisce. Ma soprattutto è un’entusiasta per natura e pieno di energia, e non potrebbe essere che così per portare avanti tutti i suoi hobby.

Come dicevo, adora scrivere e scrive sul suo blog e, secondo me, potrebbe fare lo scrittore. Qualche settimana fa’ mi ha chiesto di scrivere un articolo per il suo blog, un onore visto che sono una blogger recente. Per ringraziarlo ho deciso di scrivere un aneddoto riguardo la parola ‘TA’ che ho imparato qualche mese fa’. Volete capire il perché e sapere cosa vuol dire?

Leggete qui:




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