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Why not enough room in the Country of the Tall People?

no space for your legs on yarra trams

no space for your legs on yarra trams

How was this post conceived? Well, simply going around the city in Melbourne, by tram, for example, and having coffee and eating lunches or dinner out at a cafè or restaurant. Well, literally doing this, I noticed that there is little space for one’s body, even without being too big, and especially for one’s legs. And I ask myself: “Why?” Why do we wanna live uncomfortably even when we are traveling or when we are enjoying a dinner, a coffee or whatever somewhere? It seems a pretty clear and natural question. The first time I boarded a Yarra Tram or a train in Melbourne, probably in Sydney too, most of the time you don’t have enough room for your legs. They are usually touching you neighbour’s legs in front, which is quite annoying. Ok, they maybe oblige to sit up straight, but even doing that there is not enough space. It’s more than that, they probably are optimizing space, but I’d definitely prefer fewer seats and take the risk of standing rather than seating rather uncomfortable. And I also noticed this in restaurants and cafès, as sometimes, or maybe I should say, most of the times you need to be an acrobat or just play the slimmest model to pass between 2 tables and sit on the sofa or on the chair. I guess here the motivation could be more economical: more tables, more customers, more money & earnings. But still, quite uncomfortable and when you are having a coffee, lunch, a snack or whatever or when you are travelling, wouldn’t you want the experience to be pleasant & comfy? Sometimes, especially at cafès & restaurants, this is the actual aim besides eating well or drinking something good. For example at the “Builders Arms Hotel” in Fitzroy, where I enjoyed very much the atmosphere, the possibility of dining late at a restaurant and not at a fast food place, not that common in Australia, and the food was very good. But the room between tables, especially on Saturday evening is very tiny. These 2 pictures below do not represent reality. Although I suggest you to dine there because it is worthy!

Builders Arms Hotel, Fitzroy, Melbourne

Builders Arms Hotel, Fitzroy, Melbourne

Builders Arms Hotel, Fitzroy, Melbourne

Builders Arms Hotel, Fitzroy, Melbourne

I just find this very odd, especially for happening in Australia, a country where most of the people, especially the ones with anglosaxon origins are usually taller than the average people. Or at least this is what it appears to me without doing a lot of researches. Well, it is not a complaint, although I’d like to enjoy more room in general. Maybe there is an explanation, but that’s a mistery to me for now …  : ) And actually I’m glad I read this other post from another blogger in Melbourne who seems to have experienced similar uncomfortable situations:

At least it makes me think that it’s not only me noticing such things 😉

close seats on Yarra trams

close seats on Yarra trams

What do you think?

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