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TasMANIAC – Chapter 2

Beautiful Wine @BarCelona Hobart

Beautiful Wine @BarCelona Hobart

It’s the 31st of January, 1 month in the new year and that’s when I usually, but probably most of the people are, start missing holidays, being somewhere else than your home and the ‘no worries’ mindset. So that is why I’ll go on with the 2nd chapter of TasMANIAC!

I don’t remember if I already told you that we got our rental car canceled, so we quickly had to re-plan our trip and since we had 4 full days, we decided to take it slowly. We spent 1 ½ day in Hobart, starting from our Xmas evening, where we were wandering around the city craving for something to eat. Everything was closed, it was windy and probably we were not that well equipped. we knew ‘Tassie’ was a bit colder, but we were still in the summer months, but the wind is always the guilty one. Anyway, finally at the seaport, we see some people and some lights, a Fish & Chips: Fishy Business.

Fishy Business Hobart

Fishy Business Hobart

It’s just in front of Mures, which is supposed to be one of the best seafood restaurant in town. I never thought I’d have a Fish Chips on Xmas evening, 1stly because of the type of food, fast-food like, and 2ndly because I don’t particularly like fish. But anyway ‘fried calamari’ saved my life. And we had an half-hour walk to go back and try to digest the meal, that was good, but not exactly healthy nor very light J with a full stomach we went to bed and the next day we were just ready to enjoy our Xmas holidays. our next stop was again food, a very nice brekkie that we got to enjoy at a very nice cafè in Salamanca, in Hobart, not in Madrid, not in Spain ;), called The Quarry – Salamanca.

Brekkie at the Quarry hobart

Brekkie at the Quarry Salamanca, Hobart

After spending a good, relaxing breakfast, we started our city exploration. We went to the city centre, wander around there and unfortunately without the possibility to visit the Cathedral on the inside. So we went down to the harbour, as it was a beautiful sunny day. It was just a liberating feeling to see the sea twinkling, the boats swinging. We stopped at the Mona booth to buy the cruise tickets to get to the museum in the early afternoon, that is around 1. Being used to Spain, for me 1 is still morning, but anyway… And we also bought tickets for a day trip to Port Arthur, as being without a car. So we waited on the peer and we then boarded a very comfortable boat that brought us there in half an hour. Seeing the Museum from the sea is just a brilliant idea, it seems you are arriving at Alcatraz, although I’ve never been there, but I remember the many movies. The MONA Museum, Museum of Old and New Art, quite an original name, easily misunderstood with the more famous MOMA. Have they done it on purpose? 😉

English: MONA - Hobart, Tasmania

English: MONA – Hobart, Tasmania (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The MONA has a very interesting architecture, it has a cafè with a garden in front where you can seat at a table or lie on one of the many cushions and enjoy the view, your lunch, the sea breeze or whatever. And on the other side there are both a Restaurant, upscale I’d say, and a bar where you can enjoy a very good beer they brew with cheese or other snacks.

@Mona Brewery Bar

@Mona Brewery Bar

You can either have it in the bar or outside, in a big lawn, where there is also a stage for concert and surrounded by vineyards on one side, the museum on the other and the sea. And of course there is the museum, with a tennis court outside and some sculptures.

Back Garden @Mona Hobart

Back Garden @Mona Hobart

Front Garden @Mona

Front Garden @Mona

A perfectly built marketing operation! Yes because now the MONA is the 1st destination in Tasmania, having stolen the 1st place to Port Arthur, the place of the first Convicts in Australia. The museum has probably a reason to be. It adds up on the beautiful nature, food and wine of Tasmania, bringing some art, which is never inappropriate. But of course they needed to do something unusual to draw people here. In fact they usually hold contemporary exhibitions, strange ones, unusual, sometimes disturbing ones, blended with some ancient and traditional art, well, the usual if you are European or you traveled a bit, but still interesting. There is always something you haven’t seen.

"Water installation" @Mona in Hobart - My favourite!

“Water installation” @Mona in Hobart – My favourite!

For what is concerns me, I found it a bit chaotic, not well-organized and it was not easy to follow the pieces of arts although you were given a beautiful ipod touch to use. Fancy, but probably not that useful, it definitely can be improved. After the visit we enjoyed the surrounding with a very nicely brewed MONA beer. As per the evening, we went back to Hobart, strolled around Salamanca, a very nice, tiny and central neighborhood, full of cafè, bars & life. actually we struggled to find a spot as many people we already drinking at 5pm or sometimes even having dinner. but I’d like to forget that… 5pm is definitely too early to have dinner! we enjoyed a beautiful wine at BarCelona, with a very summery, hippie atmosphere. Yes, basically that day has been all about eating, drinking and art, being sophisticated and going to the MONA 😉

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