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How is experiencing the Australian Open in the Rod Laver Arena? Ferrer, Sharapova, Djokovic & Wawrinka! Just WOW!

Rod Laver Arena 2013

Rod Laver Arena 2013

Well, well, being in Melbourne at this time of the year, you cannot be talking about the Australian Open and you cannot either ignore it nor know anything about it. So, that is why I paid a 2nd visit to the Open and yesterday to the Rod Laver Arena. But actually also because I really like tennis, and hopefully I’ll go back playing it soon, after starting again back in Spain, and I really enjoy watching it. And watching it live it’s just an exciting experience, and even more if at the Australian Open.

Ferrer vs Nishikori_Rod Laver Arena_Australian Open 2013

Ferrer vs Nishikori_Rod Laver Arena_Australian Open 2013

I watched the match between Ferrer and Nishikori, with a strong Japanese support from the audience. Ferrer, the 4th in the world, displayed a great tennis, but the Japanese didn’t make his life easy until the end. In fact Ferrer won the first two sets 6-1, 6-2, but the last set has been a bit more complicated as Nishikori fought until the end. But then Ferrer made it and won 6-4. Great match.

Sharapova vs Flipkens_Rod Laver Arena_Australian Open 2013

Sharapova vs Flipkens_Rod Laver Arena_Australian Open 2013

Then a few minutes to wait for the number 1 Sharapova playing against the Belgian (43) Flipkens. I saw her previous match against Venus Williams, she was a tennis warrior! She was so focused,  so in control of the game of everything on the court, just with a fire a inside, just as she was cold-bloaded tennis machine with the mission to destroy the opponent. She was so determined, almost scary, just a great champion! But on Sunday she was making a lot of mistakes, although she won 6-1. And although she then won the match in 2 sets, 6-1, 6-2, the 1st set has been absolutely boring! Curiosities on sharapova:

Djokovic vs Wawrinka @AustralianOpen2013 on 20th January

Djokovic vs Wawrinka @AustralianOpen2013 on 20th January

Unfortunately I didn’t have the tickets to see the night session, when Djokovic played one of the greatest match I’ve ever seen against a fantastic Wrawrinka. The excitement of this 5 hour-match till the end it’s just not easy to put down on paper, if you have the chance just try to watch a replay of the game. Two unstoppable warriors on a tennis court, with endless energy and willingness to fight because a lot was at stake. For Djokovic the door to go on in the tournament and maybe win again the Open, for Wrawrinka, even before that, the possibility of defeating the 1st ranked player in the world, start a new phase of his life as a player and an injection of energy & confidence for his tennis carreer. The match started with 6-1 for Wrawrinka and Djokovic almost lost also the 2nd set, then the 3rd set went to Djokovic, but the 4th to Warwrinka again. The last set was the decisive one! And it ended 12-10 for Djokovic, but the result wasn’t easy to predict, actually really impossible, to predict till the last second of this incredible match!

Wawrinka vs Djokovic  @AustralianOpen2013 on 20th January

Wawrinka vs Djokovic @AustralianOpen2013 on 20th January

Congratulations to both players, but especially to Wawrinka!

Have a look here >> VIDEO:


And read the 2 players Post-Match speech: Wawrinka post-match: “I think it’s by far my best match I ever played, especially in five sets against the No. 1 player. Especially I was dealing with myself all the five hours, trying to always find solution, trying to always fight against me and against him to stay with him.
“At the end I was really, really close. For sure I’m really sad. It’s a big deception to lose that match. But I think there is more positive than negative.” Djokovic, post-match: “It’s really hard to find the words to describe the feeling we had tonight, especially in the fifth set. “He (Stan) deserved equally to be the winner of this match. I give him a lot of credit. He showed his qualities and he was the aggressive player on the court. I was just trying to hang in there and trying to fight. This match means a lot to me and to him obviously. “It brings back the memories from 12 months ago with Rafa. Thank you for staying this late. You made this match very special. I didn’t expect this many people to stay this long and hopefully you enjoyed it as much as we did.” (Source: Australian Open 2013 Facebook Page)



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