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MOVEMBER?? A mistake or what?

WHAT’s Movember? You’d think that maybe it’s a mispelling. But it’s not! I simply never heard of it!
It’s a charity initiative only for men. And I hope no women are participating 😉 Basically men pay something like 20$ and they let their moustache grow for the whole month of November. The aim is to raise vital funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and male mental health. They for sure do it in the US, UK, Australia and probably other countries. I think it’s something different and I just like it. It’s sometimes strange to see people on TV with evident moustache and it’s even stranger to see people you know one day without moustache and the next day they completely different!
Well it’s just hilarious! And for a good cause!

———- // ———-

Leggi Movember e pensi: “avranno sbagliato a scrivere la parola”. E invece no! Movember e’ un’iniziativa divertente di beneficienza. E’ solo per uomini, o almeno spero non ci sia nessuna donna che vi partecipo! Infatti consiste nel pagare una cifra tipo 20$ per beneficienza e farsi crescere i baffi per tutto il mese di novembre.
Penso sia una trovata originale e divertente. Fa’ strano perche’ all’improvviso aumentano le persone con i baffi in strada. E anche in TV! La cosa piu’ strana e’ vedere qualcuno che conosci all’improvviso con i baffi e quasi non lo riconosci 🙂
Beh semplicemente fantastico!

Enjoy your last 2 days of Movember!



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  4. Hi Valeria! You’re right about “Mo-vember” being big in the US. September (Pink) is breast cancer awareness month for women, October is lavender for cancer awareness month, and Movember is for men’s health.

    We are big ice hockey fans and enjoy watching our favorite players grow their ‘stache for charity. Both the US and Canada have fund raisers b getting fans involved in supporting players as they grow their Movember moustache.

    Fun post- great to see this around the world!

    • It is indeed spreading all over. I know it reached Europe, at least Spain, and that it was actually born in Australia.

      the important thing is that it’s for a good cause apart from being interesting and fun! Don’t you think?

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