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Friday at 7 back to heaven

It’s Friday, actually it was Friday yesterday, it was 7 o’clock, the weather was warm, spring, or more spring to summer and I was getting home, walking, just because of such a good weather. I was walking from Bourke St in Melbourne back to the Docklands and I just seeing load of people walking down. I crossed Southern Cross Station, so I thought everybody was in a hurry to catch their train and be back home as soon as possible to start their own weekend. Then I started seeing people wearing a scarf, definitely not the weather to wear a scarf. I then noticed that all the scarves looked more or less the same, well, oh yeah, Friday = Football game. Then, you could discuss what kind of football, if “real football”, and with that I mean European or Southamerican soccer, or one of the Australian football or rugby. Anyway, this is not important! The good thing is that there was really a nice atmosphere, relaxed, joyful, with the sun warming up the air and the spirits, people having a beer or a wine just before the game, just a sharing moment before the game, before the weekend starts. Or as the weekend starts.

Friday at 7 back to heaven 🙂

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