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La Petite Creperie – take away

Well, finally I did it. I bought a crepe at the little booth on Swanston St, La Petite Creperie . The good smell is so calling me all the time and difficult to resist, especially when you are hungry. And even though I was going for something salty at first, they didn’t bake salty crepe at the Creperie Take-away. You have to go to Triskel, another place that is on my list, but always closed every time I passed by.


Crepe (Photo credit: Wikipedia

Anyway, so I ordered a Chestnut pure (marron glace) crepe, which is my favorite! It was considerably priced, 5$, if you think of Australia’s high prices. There is quite a long list of flavours you can choose from and with prices ranging from 4$ up to 8$ and you can add some extras from 1.5 to 2$ roughly.

Anyway I was looking at the French girl while she was cooking the crepe just in front of me, anxious to give it a bite…to the crepe! 😉 A marvellous smell was coming to my nostrils, I was already imagining how delicious my experience would be! It’s finally ready. There were a couple of people in front of me and I think I had to wait not even 10 mins. A lot less if you compare the waiting time for a cappuccino at same places, ahahaha! Just as the happiest person in that moment, I just bite it. The crepe itself is not bad, I’d say actually good. I don’t know whether I was very hungry after a strong yoga class (Vinyasa Yoga @ Breathe Pilates & Yoga Centre or what, but I was hoping for some more filling. They definitely could have been a bit more generous in spreading. If the problem is the cost, just make it 0,50$ more expensive, but don’t take me/us away the pleasure to indulge ourselves in a mouth-watering crepe, please! 🙂 I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt and maybe go back and try a different filling, such as their famous one: the Salted Caramel crepe. Definitely authentically French, truthful to what they are selling, which is good. And of course I need to go and try “Triskel”.

La Petite Creperie booth,
corner Swanston St & Ltl Collins St, Melbourne CBD

Have a sweet evening! Bon appetit!


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