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Sunday morning, praise the dawning… ehm, Tuesday morning, early dawning. Breakfast in the Gardens.

Thanks to this song, I started my day today. Sunday morning by The Velvet  underground (have a listen! It’s actually Tuesday morning, but this tune made it into a nice Spring morning in Melbourne! After the gentle wake up, I felt like “good morning Vietnam”, as many people were actually already in the streets, on their way to work or just having breakfast at a cafè. Yes! And now listen to that! Goooood morning Vietnaaaam!! And to some tunes: “Good Morning Vietnam – California Sun Yes!

And it was dawning! I woke up at 6.15 am, difficult times, to go and have breakfast with some people and listen to a conference on Garden designs and architecture. Actually pretty cool, so relaxing and exciting view at the same time, and good coffee! Oh yes coffee it was needed, because yes, it’s been a pain to wake up that early, but you enjoy different things when you wake up early. You have the whole day ahead of you, you have plenty of time that you cannot miss anything, the city is at first sleepy, you get to see the dawn, not a everyday show if you are not an “early bird”, and then in just a matter of half an hour, it gets all busy and vital. Encouraging, as it is pretty excited to be part of this vital circle. And then a nice stroll to the venue, so some walking exercise straight on, soon after rewarded by a nice breakfast. Well, they talked about the art of designing gardens which allows you to do many things while doing this job, such as designing it, of course, taking pictures, write about it, travel, organize tours, … We’ve been showed many gardens, the best seem to be in England, Italy, France and Japan. And some were highlighted:

– The Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne, as one of the best public gardens in the world

The Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne

– The Korakuen Garden in Okayama, Japan

– Gardens in Normandy, France,

– Gardens in Italy, especially the Renaissances ones that integrate historical buildings, arts and sculpture within the green areas. As an example some gardens in the Rome/Lazio region:

– Gardens in Kent, England, famous for their right mix of design and plants variety, and typical presence of a pond

English: Looking across the waterWalking through a garden is just so relaxing, it allows you to make peace with yourself while it fill your eyes with lots and lots of green… Gardens usually have the power both to excite you about the beauty they display and to calm your soul because of their separate setting to the city.

So, have a peaceful, but exciting day!!!

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