Docklands, Melbourne
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Sailing day in the Docklands

Docklands, Victoria

I’ve always been fascinated by sailing and I did a course when I was younger in beautiful Sardinia, how lucky we are in Italy, with the ‘Velamare’ school. Then I didn’t have much opportunity to sail apart from a few times with more experts friends. Every time I really enjoyed it! Sometimes I’m sea-sick, but I discovered wonderful patches. You can dance in the boat, but you feel nothing in your stomach, great! And sometimes I’m also a bit afraid, but then the challenge gives me

the thrill to try myself. And so last Sunday we went for casual sailing at the docklands Yacht club, which is something carried out by family or a group of friends. You certainly feel most welcome and everybody is very warm and welcoming. You don’t have to expect anything posh, but just a sort of “hangar”, where they store all the equipment and boats and a small office. Last Sunday it was a beautiful sunny day in Melbourne and so my husband and I went down to try ourselves and we actually had a lot of fun.

English: A view of the Docklands Stadium, curr...

There weren’t many people, maybe it was about 10 or 15 in total, and we were given a life saver jacket, a couple of instructions on the dinghy boat, a assort of “Lego” boat, just making fun of it. I say a Lego boat because it’s probably the safest boat that would not trip over, but still with a main sale, a jib, a beamer and a driving stick. So we ‘jumped’ into the boat and we made our way into the Docklands, up to where Melbourne 7 TV and the Etihad Stadium overlook the River bay. We cruised around, sometimes struggling with the wind or no-wind, for about 1 hour or more for 20$ each. We even sometimes raced with the other dinghies on the water! It was a lot of fun and I think we also got sun-tanned, not difficult when the sun is out in Australia 🙂 Now we want more! At the Docklands Yacht Club they offer Casual Sailing for 20$ each 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month and we are probably going to give it another try, but for now they’re not structured as a proper school. It relies a lot on voluntary work of the Yacht Club members. They really are to praise and receive a big applause, as we enjoyed our time there. So for casual sailing, give it a try for sure. I do recommend it. They also have a Safety boat checking on you. We’d like though to learn a bit more about sailing and bring back some previous experience, so we probably are going to look for another school as an alternative or on top if the Docklands Yacht Club. They told us to look into Albert Park for example. Any Melbourne sailor on the web? Any tip/advice is more than welcomed! I wish ourselves and everyone “Buon vento” (= Have a good wind), as some good friends of ours say!

Melbourne: view on the Docklands and Etihad Stadium

Melbourne: view on the Docklands and Etihad Stadium

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