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A day back at Macquarie University / Il ritorno alla Macquarie University

Fountain @ Macquarie Uni Park

I can’t believe, once again I know, that I’m back here, downunder and just right now sitting at the Macquarie Hub, which was once called S@m Bar, where 10 years ago used to be a meeting point between a lesson and the other, or just a place for lunch or an exciting venue for a crazy party! I just can’t believe it! Maybe that’s the way to live life, so that you can be surprised again every once in a while. I just smelt that Eucalyptus/Aussie Nature good smell, that carries within lots of good memories. That smell can just draw back a 10-year ago experience I had with so many interesting and fun people! So interesting that a small little thing such as a smell can be so important for someone. You could talk about hours about smells, the good smell of the person you love, the delicious smell of a dinner, of a bath, of coffee, of a perfume, and of course there are bad smell too. But we don’t wanna talk about that kind of smells, it’s enough we’re unfortunately smelling them, right?

Back to Macquarie Uni. It feels good to be back and, actually, I got here by train, from Townall to Hornsby via Macquarie Park, something that was impossible 10 years ago. The usual way from Sydney CBD was by bus 288. And now there’s even a new fantastic library! No more wooden library, but a modern, white/gray/black sort of Ipod style new Library, with a nice cafè overlooking the green outside. I just had a nice cappuccino there, served by another Italian guy studying a master in engineering at another Sydney Uni. And then I had an interesting chat with another Italian guy who’s been here for quite a while and teaches at Uni. And in the Library there’s of course a lot of space to read, study, use Internet , your pc, etc… Some things have changed in 10 years and I guess it’s normal. I miss Uni time and learning new things. Well, for now I’ll just miss it and let’s see. And the best thing is that here you’re just surrounded by nature and it’s so relaxed, calm, but at the same time very lively as many students are here, having lunch or “studying”, maybe some are really studying, but I don’t blame the ones that are not eheh

I’ll just spend some time, walking around and that’s it. It’s great to be back here and see it again!


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