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Italian Film Festival 2012 – Australia

It’s probably too late to write about it, at least for Sydney and Melbourne, as the Italian Film Festival sponsored by Lavazza ends Tomorrow Tuesday October 9th, but people could still be able to catch the last movies or enjoy the full Festival in Adelaide, Perth or Brisbane. As soon as I read about it, I wanted to buy a 10-film pass, but then 10,000 things arise and it’s impossible to do everything you want to do. Anyway, I made it to 3 movies for now that I highly recommend.

  1.       Benvenuti al Nord / Welcome to the North

This is the sequel of “Benvenuti al Sud”, a story of stereotypes about the Southern part of Italy told through the experience of a guy from the North, working for the Italian Post Service and transferred to the South. “Welcome to the South” tells exactly the opposite story: a guy from the South transferred to the North. This movie is really a lot of fun and allows the spectator to learn about all the differences that lie in Italy, false beliefs, stereotypes, sometimes true, but sometimes not. And it underlines the fact that Italian, all, from the North and the South, despite the differences in the way of doing things, have all a big heart.

  2.       Com’è bello far l’amore / Love is in the air

Another hilarious movie, a comedy on a cool couple having some problems in bed. It’s a common story, but told in a very original way. Some scenes might be a bit embarrassing, but displayed on the screen in a very natural, innocent and funny way, and all for the good of the couple. If you wan to laugh 1 hour and half straight till the end, just don’t miss it!

3.       Romanzo di una strage / Piazza Fontana: The Italian Conspiracy

This movie, instead, it’s not a comedy. It is based on a true story, when a bomb exploded in a Bank in Milan in 1969 and provoked the deaths of 17 people. It is an image of Europe and Italy’s political scene at the time. As the Italian Film Festival booklet reports: “Intriguily complicated and politically nuanced, Romanzo di una strage is an ever-twisting conspiracy of lies, intrigue and dirty politics.” I highly recommend this movie.

If you want to see them, at the Italian Film Festival or some other time, here are all the featured movies and related info/plots


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