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Being on a bus / Tornare su un autobus dai biglietti prenotati

Oggi ho preso l’autobus per l’aereoporto di Avalon. E’ come  fosse l’Orio al Serio di Melbourne da dove volano le lowcost tipo JetStar. Il conducente aveva lalista dei passeggeri e quest’immagine mi ha fatto andare indietro nella memoria a quando ho fatto il viaggio da Backpacker proprio in Australia o a quando andavo per lavoro in Inghilterra e, dopo essere arrivata a Londra Heathrow, dovevo ancora farmi 2h e mezzo di viaggio per arrivare nel Cotswold. Quanto tempo e’ passato e, a parte i viaggi di lavoro, com’e’ cambiato Il mio modo di viaggiare. Questa volta vado via solamente 3 giorni, destinazione Sydney, e chiaramente non ho un borsone ne’ uno zaino in spalla con davanti settimane e settimane di viaggio. Ho semplicemente un trolley, con un pc, munita di Iphone con una giacca da citta’ e deglistivali coi tacchi. Al posto di un paio di scarpe da tennis, uno zainone da 65lt, una giacca sportiva e i vestiti di chi sta viaggiando da qualche settimana e per tutta la durata del lungo viaggio, di alcune settimane. Il ricordo va’ alla
Ia compagna di viaggio Canadese, con la quale ho girato parte dell’Australia e Nuova Zelanda, e ad altre 2 mie amiche, un’austriaca e una tedesca con le quali ho percorso The Great Ocean Road, Melbourne, Adelaide e Barossa Valley. Great memories!

Today I took a bus from Southern Cross Station, that is where buses depart to go to Avalon Airport. Melbourne low-fares airport where Tiger and JetStar fly from. JetStar so far is better than ryan. It allows you to bring a little hanbag on top of your trolley and you get an assigned seat, that is people do not get in line 1 hour before to cue and take the best seat. Anyway, I was not going to talk about this. My name was on the driver’s list and this thing draw back my memory to when I backpacked in Australia by bus with my Canadian friend thourghout Australia and New Zealand or with my two friends from Austria and Germany in victoria and Southern Australia to pay my first visit to Melbourne, the Great Ocean Road, still with 12 Apostles, Adelaide and the beautiful Barossa Valley. Or still when I used to travel to the UK for work and, after taking a flight to London Heathrow, I still had to ‘cruise’ for 2 hours and a half still to get to destination in the Cotswold. 10 years have passed by and I certainly do not carry a big backpack nor I have sporty attire with a time frame of many weaks of travel ahead and a simple Nokia 3210 or just the next advanced model. I am traveling for a couple of days, with a simple trolley and a handbag, dressed to stay in the city, with high hills boots, an Iphone and a laptop. Oh yeah, time has passed by! The great things are:

1. I got the chance to come back to amazing Australia and I still will have the opportunity to travel and discover other beautiful places around here and this side of the world

2. I am still in conctact with those travel companions

3. those trips built apart of me, of I grew up into, and I hold Great memories!

Do travel a lot!!!

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