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5 new Food trends in Melbourne and how to economically survive eating out in the city


As I was told, Melbourne is the Food & Gourmet capital of Australia, among other titles such as the Fashion Capital for example. And it’s true, you can experience good food, also being Italian, and sometimes it seems to be eating in Italy. the prices though are extremely high. So here on one side are the 5-food trends, that may aswell contribute to keep up a VIP bills or not, and some tips from an article of The Age on how to eat out at reasonable prices.

5-food trends that will come to Melbourne from the US

1. Standing room only, eating standing up, without seating, I guess the Italian Aperitivo is still quite unfamiliar in Melbourne. You can find it at Eataly, outside Italy, in NYC for example.
2. The virtual maitre d’, quite strange thing that to my opinion makes no sense, it’s either the real one or nothing.
3. Food camps, is this a way to feel close to the people who really live in these conditions, by spending less probably and be more eco-friendly? Otherwise it seems only a bad joke.
4. Masa, I need to understand what this is, if it just the word to describe the dough or what. It is so strange how the world is still different, although globalized. In Italy the fashion for Mexican restaurants was probably in 1995-2000 or maybe it’s just another new Mexican trend.
5. Tripe for breakfast, my grandfather used to love tripe, used to be seen as a specialty food, I don’t think they probably ate it for breakfast, unless maybe in difficult times, but maybe in those circumstances tripe was not present. I do not eat tripe for lunch or dinner, so no way I’m going to eat it for breakfast!

How to eat out in Melbourne at reasonable prices

Have a look!

It’s gonna be interesting to try them all and find out. Or some of them, otherwise a big budget is going to be needed anyway, unless the gourmet tour is carried out with plenty of time.

I have, though, a suggestion of a restaurant reasonably priced, with pretty good food, humble but with nice ambience, in a cute hippie area of Melbourne:  Caffè Terroni, 18 Ballarat Street, Yarraville
I actually haven’t tried typical Italian Pasta dishes or the sort, but just come Chicken involtini or Saltimbocca, and probably apart from the veggies, English style cooked (i.e. almost raw, without condiments), the dish was pretty yummy!
Have it a go!

Caffè Terroni, 18 Ballarat St, Yarraville, Melbourne


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